Healthy Holiday Eating

Holiday Eating II

The holidays can be a difficult time of year to stay on track with weight loss efforts.

Between the family gatherings, parties and friendly get togethers, the calories can really pile up.  Here are a few tips courtesy of the California Dietetic Association to help us get through the rest of the season without any post holiday regrets.

1.)   Avoid going to parties hungry.  Instead, just before you leave home , try eating a small snack with protein and fiber such as celery with peanut butter or a small fruit and yogurt parfait with nuts.

2.)   At the buffet table, remember the MyPlate principles:


  • ½ plate vegetables/fruit
  • ¼ plate whole grains
  • ¼ plate lean protein

3.)   Watch the liquid calories.  Beverages such as eggnog, punch, soda, and sugar-based alcohol mixers can really add up.  Plus alcohol has a tendency to lower your inhibitions, making it much more likely you’ll overindulge.

4.)   Baked goodies such as cakes, cookies and muffins are typically higher in calories than what would we expect.  If you indulge, think small àopt for bite-sized treats.

5.)   Choose broth-based soup over cream-based to save on saturated fat and a whole lot of calories.

6.)   When it comes to appetizers, choose wisely.  They often contain heavier ingredients that can fill you up before any of the healthier food is served.  Opt for simple choices, a piece of cheese with a whole grain cracker, fresh fruit, or veggies with light dip, to help keep the pre-dinner munchies in check.


Here’s to a happy and healthy holiday season!


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